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Do You Need Digital Marketing in 2019?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

This blog post does not talk about why digital marketing for business. But, why do you need to have a documented strategy to improve your marketing returns. So that you will succeed in 2019 business endeavors.

Did you get your website optimized? How many digital marketing strategies have you implemented successfully till today? If not done, you are behind in today's fast paced competitive market. Most of the companies are shifting their marketing focus to digital platforms. But are you still asking yourself - "Do I Need Digital Marketing To Promote My Business?" Come on! Let's dive into and find out the reasons for the need of documented strategy in place.

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Mandatory Requirement Of Documented Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

We have served wide range of industries every year and understand different industry verticles in depth. Our main objective is to deliver the right set of digital marketing skills to business owners, startup enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs all over the world. My first question to all the entrepreneurs I meet is - Have you already implemented the digital marketing strategy? Most of them answer YES. But only 10% of them will be having the properly documented strategy in hand. So, remaining of them are doing it absolutely in the wrong way.

As a whole, the point of argument here is having a documented strategy is important than just implementing few basic internet marketing techniques. If you are doing this, then you are moving ahead without direction blindly. According to our observation, this is the primary reasons why most of the businesses fail to establish a good online presence as well as marketing.

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Now, let's see what are the essential elements to be included in the documented digital marketing strategy.

In the first place, the written document must highlight the areas of major opportunities your business is likely to get in online media by considering all the possible digital media channels. Let it match the business goals and the consumers need. As a result, it should serve as the perfect roadmap to success. Here are the 7 elements you can actually include.

1. Develop the Person for your business: Have you made a thorough analysis of your target audience? Check for the type of content they would love to absorb. This helps you to engage in the best possible manner with them online.

2. Conduct competitor analysis: Observe the way in which your competitor websites have written the content, promoted the call to actions, and how much experience they possess. What is actually working for them and how can you make it different for your business. As a result, you can figure out what your brand can offer to attract the target market.

3. Social Media Analysis: Do not forget about important digital media channels such as youtube and linked while focusing only on Facebook and Instagram. Analyze the effectiveness of your present social media engagement. Are you sharing the right piece of content? Does those content possess right set of the call to actions?

4. Analyze the lead nurturing activity: If you own the customized email database then start shooting them with engaging email copy. You can definitely do this to increase brand awareness as well as retain the old customers along with grabbing the attention of new customers.

5. Paid Media Marketing Analysis: Develop content in such a way that new readers can also understand the context of your article. Because there is the part of market who are still comparing your business with others to make a purchase decision.

6. Plan the strategic content roadmap: List out all the content topics you need to develop and then do not forget to mention about the content formats. It is extremely important to allow your target market to understand what you are offering in different possible perspectives.

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After experimenting with the different techniques, your strategies must be reassured for its effectiveness based on the actual measurement. By having a documented digital marketing strategy, you are not only having a systematic approach but hold reasons for getting the things implemented at the right time without any procrastination. Do not throw a strategy at the market and wait for it to see how many reacted and how many ignored. Keep a target and make all those you reach to react to your marketing campaigns, That's the power of documented marketing strategy.

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